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Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman Spring 2015

Welcome back to the Spring 2015 edition of the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman. I’ve experience so many great adventures this Spring, and it became very difficult on what to include into this edition, but it’s finally done.

This Spring we fished for Walleyes, Sturgeon and Smallmouth Bass in the Rainey River and Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike north in Ontario. The new experiences drive my love for the outdoors more and more, I can’t wait to share the next adventures with you.

Happy Fishing and God Bless…

Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman

Lake of the Woods Hawg Walleye Hunt

I know I’ve been absent, we’ll say I’ve been soul searching. But here’s just a few days from a few weeks ago with a couple great friends up at the Northwest Angle. Special “Thank You” to Joe and Jeff “Jiggy” Anderson for allowing me share in the adventure, and also, to the Goulet’s, for opening […]