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Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman Feb-March 2015 – Lake Trout and Northern Pike

Welcome back to the next edition of the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman. This winter was the most challenging for me yet…the Sleepers were full almost every day from December 26th through the middle of March. Thank you to everyone that kept us busy, and supported our humble business.

The two adventures which you’re about to see were my only opportunities to escape away to other areas of Lake of the Woods. Lakers have become a must do in February, and now every March I look forward to catching those Monster Pike on the the Bigtooth Tackle Zero Rig…Memories were made.

Until the next adventure…Happy Fishing and God Bless.

Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman

Lake of the Woods Hawg Walleye Hunt

I know I’ve been absent, we’ll say I’ve been soul searching. But here’s just a few days from a few weeks ago with a couple great friends up at the Northwest Angle. Special “Thank You” to Joe and Jeff “Jiggy” Anderson for allowing me share in the adventure, and also, to the Goulet’s, for opening […]