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Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman December 2014

Welcome to the December edition of the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman. We must say thank you to everyone that has given us the opportunity to share our tremendous back yard.

Jody’s mother Ellen visited us for a couple weeks and joined in on a few adventures in the sleeper houses. Being someone who grew up in Baudette, she couldn’t believe how the ice fishing had expanded from what she remembered back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Wiggles and I went on a few recon missions to find the fish, now that’s always an adventure. The best success right now is deep off the rock structures up the US/Canadian line. If you’re using Adrian’s Road, they’ve done a fantastic job smoothing out the first few miles till you meet the better ice. Bring your Ice Armor and Thermal X2, she’s cold out there…

Happy Fishing and God Bless,

Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman

Lake of the Woods Hawg Walleye Hunt

I know I’ve been absent, we’ll say I’ve been soul searching. But here’s just a few days from a few weeks ago with a couple great friends up at the Northwest Angle. Special “Thank You” to Joe and Jeff “Jiggy” Anderson for allowing me share in the adventure, and also, to the Goulet’s, for opening […]